Agence CFL understands the importance of branding, it’s one of the reasons it’s usually first on the list when it comes to kicking your advertising into high gear.

Is your branding as recognizable?

Taking our client, Mercedes-Benz Rive-Sud as an example, this premier car showroom benefits from pre-established design directive. When we apply what these brands already do so well to your business, you too can profit from greater brand recognition. To adapt and to transpose wining strategies like these to serve your specific needs is quite frankly what we do best at Agence CFL.

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Top brands have come to understand the importance of having good brand recognition, something we call “branding”. It’s your main graphic component that shouldn’t be neglected. When we go about promoting our business, we need to make sure our brand’s design is strong, appealing and of course that it offers consumers at least a bit of insight into what it is you sell or do, or at the very least have something pointing in that direction.

Branding, nothing to it you say? Our 30 years of branding expertise have shown time ad time again how important a part “branding” plays in your global marketing strategy. For us, a well structured corporate identity is the first step in making sure your next advertising campaign exceeds expectations, be it traditional advertising, digital or most obviously a mix of both.

Taking your ill equipped brand on an advertising road trip, is a bit like building a house on unsound foundations, without even giving it a second thought… Another reason why so many companies trust us to rebrand their corporate identity so that we can build as high as we want without looking back.

Our corporate branding services are perfect for startups, new product you may want to promote that need top level creative branding, and let’s not forget any other graphic elements that need to be produced in order to accompany your existing brand.

Whatever your branding needs, Agence CFL handles all of your graphic design requirements.


It’s an unfortunate reality, as a large number of companies out there keep creating new marketing tools around a brand identity that just doesn’t quite deliver.

Whatever the reason, many companies are invested graphically in identities that were created when the company was a startup, others are simply not in style anymore or don’t represent the business’s current offering or worse, it conveys a message that has nothing to do with the actual services offered today.

It’s for these reasons, and many others we may add, that our rebranding services are so sought after. Changing your graphic identity is off limits you say? What if your existing brand is missing the target audience you so desperately need to reach, what then?

Agence CFL really knows rebranding, in fact, many of our branding portfolio pieces show just how amazing we are at designing identity packages that help position your business for faster growth.

Getting your new brand out there, that’s what our expertise is all about.


What it all comes down to is brand strategy, it’s in fact the graphic direction your corporate image will embark on. Our first step is aimed at putting your brand to good use, making sure it delivers a clear message your clients will undoubtedly understand.

It’s all about texture, colour and feeling. Should we be targeting a specific age group or other demographic or should we be focusing on a visual relationship to what we’re selling? All of these questions are at the base of what we need to explore in order to build a strong brand.

A big step towards added notoriety… Once we’ve completed a graphic design portion in a mandate, we’ll reflect one step further in view of positioning your brand with the help of well-crafted communication tools that are at the forefront of your brand’s success.

It doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about traditional advertising, digital advertising, print ads or even a web site, your brand strategy must always be on the front line, ready to promote.


A graphic platform accompanied by a basic norms guide should define all aspects relating to your brand identity. Once it’s in place, you’ll be quick to discover the benefits of having a go to guide that serves as a tool box for your upcoming advertising projects. Think of it as a reference toolbox that will guide your corporate marketing’s future growth.

Agence CFL guides you through the process of creating the communication tools you need to stand out. Stationery, outdoor signage and vehicle applications are some good examples. And if you need to promote your brand on promotional items, we’re there for that too!

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