Agence CFL is a communications agency headed by a marketing consultant with 30 years of experience in traditional and digital advertising.

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Choosing the right agency is a lot like finding the right shoe, it isn’t always easy to find the right “fit” in order for you to go about all of your marketing and communications needs. That’s why Agence CFL presents itself to your business as an all-around marketing consultant from the get go. Consider, a strategic advertising partner at your side, ready to collaborate, available when you need him most. How’s that for a straight forward solution which many companies have adopted since they’ve started working with us.

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Marketing Consultant from the start, François L’Espinay has been working in the communications industry since he’s been on the job market.

The first 10 years of his career were spent with the CKOI FM radio station, the perfect place to learn everything there is to know about traditional advertising and above all else, the best environment in which to form solid bonds with the advertising communities’ top players. In fact, to this day, many of these people are still key resources.

He then turns his focus to video production and post-production for International Image Services of Toronto. Moving forward, he applies his new found skills as marketing director for a new Montreal-based startup called Vision Globale. To this day, they are the leading production studio across Canada.

In 1993, he returns to advertising and joins the sales team at Journal LES AFFAIRES. The following year, he’s invited to join the Rinaldi Group. As a partner, he takes on the role of Marketing Vice President for this up-and-coming full-service communications agency. He manages the marketing team at the Rinaldi agency until the end of 1995.

In December of that year, François quits the Rinaldi Group to launch his own advertising agency, LES Communications. For the following nine years, he offers a full range of advertising services to a wide range of businesses. He complements his offer with graphic design services, collaborating with Philippe Ryan of Studio Kré.

In 2004, these two driven individuals join forces by combining their respectful skills and set out to form LES KREateurs, a full-service communications firm. All accounts are merged under the new entity called Les Kréateurs Inc.

In 2006, François decides to refocus himself and goes on to promote his marketing consultant skills. Preferring the “one-on-one” approach, he’s most comfortable with, he steps away from Les Kréateurs and sets up AGENCE CFL that will put his talent and know-how as a marketing consultant, offering clients top notch advertising strategies. It’s important to note that François and Philippe still collaborate on web projects on a regular basis.

Today, some ten years later, AGENCE CFL answers the needs and fills the gap for companies that either can’t afford an in-house marketing director or simply don’t want one. That’s the main reason for our business model, as François L’Espinay sees it… We’re the best possible solution for companies that are looking for valuable insight and on demand marketing without having to commit a full-time salary to an in-house marketing director that could go to better use.

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