Agence CFL has of course gone digital, have you? In today’s world, it’s not just about having a website. We need to understand, analyze and gather online customer behaviour. Only then can we move forward, putting in motion a coherent web marketing strategy.

You have a website, what about it?

These days, most companies have a website that acts as a storefront, basically a virtual business card of sorts. But the web is constantly evolving, and for that reason alone, your company’s marketing orientation on the web needs to follow theses trends. Agence CFL goes way beyond web site production, offering strategies that help your brand gain recognition and offering ever-evolving web media placements for today’s online marketing needs and, of course, tomorrow’s as well.


I’m sure you like new clients as much as we do, and that’s one of the main reasons we need to tap into the full potential of those who buy from the web. Your website undoubtedly shows your product and service offering, it matters that they find you accordingly, but that’s not always the case. Built from the ground up, our website offer sets you apart from the competition.

If this happens to be the case, our websites are built using WordPress and the most powerful building template available on the market. Our web design provides maximum visibility using sophisticated tools that promote your organic web referencing, commonly referred to as SEO (Search Engine Optimization).


Agence CFL answers all of your digital marketing requirements. If we haven’t already mentioned our 30 years of experience in advertising, we’ll reiterate the fact that our customers profit from our understanding, experience and knowledge in the field. Each step we take, moves you closer to future clients, nothing more, nothing less. Forget everywhere and everything, let’s start focusing.

Our targeted approach to online customer behaviour offers tangible results that are easy to understand, of course, we’re always there to explain in simple un-coded language, what it is you really need to know in order to make sound decisions when it comes to your digital advertising budget being well invested.


When you need to go even further, our “savoir-faire” follows suit. We’re well equipped to handle your needs when it comes to social media presence, writing blog articles or other descriptive web copy as well. We can even help you put together winning strategies when it comes to promoting your products and services online.

We can, of course, help with online media campaigns, mass mailings and handling the influx of comments, questions and orders that follow. Generating results, that’s what’s most important in this equation. Using all of our customer’s combined experience to help you profit, hitting the mark quickly and delivering results that you can fully bank on, that’s what we intend to do for you.

Are you in a pickle about digital media? Agence CFL is green with envy as to solving that and any other problem…

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